Business Meeting

Making Your Business a Success

Enable your company to thrive in today's highly competitive market by partnering with VMC Marketing Solutions. We offer business development and support for varied industries. We will help you grow your business, keep it relevant in its industry, and retain its unique image. When you work with us, we will strategize, plan, launch, manage, and follow up on a project for you with high expertise. Our team will support you throughout  the entire process from beginning to the end.

Speaking Opportunities

Finding paid speaking opportunities doesn't have to be a challenge. Our professionals can assist any executive who is seeking to expand his or her presence and share knowledge to external audiences. While it can be a time consuming effort to develop a list of potential targeted opportunities and pursue them, our method flows and expedites the process. We personalize the process to bring invitations based on specific criteria.

Newsletters & Blog Content

Final editing  can be provided for your newsletter or blog. Having content that is easily readable and accurate takes that extra important step before publishing. We can even post the information on your company website, LinkedIn™ business account, Twitter™, Facebook™, and more.

Webinar Implementation

Supporting companies that are reaching out through social media to recruit attendees to webinars is another service we offer. With webinar implementation, we can assist you with getting webcasts up and running. Our team can also monitor your results, which will provide insight for direction, based on attendance.

Podium and Typing on Computer

CRM Start Up & Implementation

Start managing CRMs and offering a customization process to support any project or campaign. By working with our experts, you can update and maintain a CRM. You'll be able to complete important tasks for prospects and clients. It can mean the difference between staying on target or not.

Additional Services

We offer many other services for you to take advantage of. Our team often does online research when beginning new projects. We can also assist you with designing and acquiring enjoyable, powerful surveys that can be helpful in receiving testimonials with impact. For more information about our services, click here.