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Using a Hands-on Approach to Assist You

Increase your company's sales numbers with the help of our sales development team. At VMC Marketing Solutions in Orlando, Florida, our associates can work with you to create marketing campaigns that will positively affect your sales growth and organizational development. Our team will work closely with you, making sure every step is completed correctly.

Effective Marketing Campaigns

Implement and direct a marketing campaign that begins with planned strategy and moves to a targeted launch. By working with us, we'll maintain your campaign throughout the full project, tracking the results with our proprietary three-step process. Our process includes a revenue building program (RBP), ultimate tracking & response (UTR) and assessment, reporting, & consulting (ARC). We'll use this process throughout your project.

Our team will also incorporate email, phone, LinkedIn™, printing, or a combination of these services to ensure everything goes as planned. Ultimately, our aim is to use the results from the successful project to learn how to duplicate a successful campaign for you again. This is accomplished by assessing an ongoing evaluation, knowing when and how to modify along the way.

Lead Generation

VMC can generate new qualified leads through a number of resources, including research, warm and cold calling, and appointment setting for your sales team. We can use any of these strategies as one of the first steps to a new marketing project. In our experience, filtering smartly for potential leads saves time for sales teams, both individually and collectively.

Business Professionals

Following Up with Your Contacts

Use top rapport building skills to provide detailed documentation to your contacts. Our professionals understand how important follow up and follow through is to existing prospects and clients.

Whether it is keeping your prospects scheduled to move through a sales pipeline, or the important aftercare for clients that can encourage repeat sales and referrals, we are here to help you.

List Building & Management

If you are in need of new lists or have existing ones that need to be reviewed, leave it to our team. We can complete both jobs for you. We can also put a strategy in place to organize and maximize its potential. Our team of associates know first-hand how important it is to have lists managed. By maintaining them, you can identify potential business and relationships to better your marketing and sales. We have the skills to assist you with this at any time.